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Strong start to the fall racing season

By RNJ, 09/30/19, 1:50PM EDT


Kings Head XXXIII Regatta

Row New Jersey enjoys a strong start to the fall racing season!

Donning newly minted uniforms, Row New Jersey’s (formally Mountain Lakes Rowing) Youth Men’s and Youth Women’s teams turned in multiple gold & silver finishes at the Kings Head XXXIII Regatta on the Schuylkill in Bridgeport, PA.

Highlights from the Row New Jersey Youth Men’s team included first-place finishes for the Youth Men’s Varsity 8 (MV8+), and Youth Men’s 2nd Varsity 4 (M2V4+). The team also delivered a second-place finish for the Youth Men’s Varsity 4 and capped off the day with a clean sweep of the Men’s 2nd Varsity 8, bringing in first, second and third-place finishes for this event.

 The Youth Women’s Team also demonstrated early success at the King’s Head Regatta, including a first-place finish in the Women’s Youth Varsity 4 (WV4+), and two third-place finishes in the Youth Women’s Varsity 8 (WV8+) and Youth 2nd Varsity 4 (W2V4+).

 Commenting on the day’s events, Rowing Director, Robert Welsh stated "It was a great opening regatta for our program, with pleasant weather and flat water. I was happy to see all of our crews row well, including those racing for the first time. Our coxswains, in particular, did a great job all day long".  

 Full Schedule of Events:






M. Blandon (Coxswain) 4) B. Davis, 3) J. Daniel, 2) B. Edwards 1) T. McKay



A. Park (Cox) 4) C. Mirzaian 3) C. Fabiano 2) J. Bartie 1) A. Timoney



K. Deitz (Cox) 4) E. Kilroy 3) E. Nielsen 2) R. Mills 1) N. Collins



E. Gutowski (Cox) 8) M. Morfogen, 7) A. Treger 6) E. Infante 5) D. Brown 4) M.   Nusbaum 3) W. Morton, 2) J. Richman, 1) M. Oram



A. Park (Cox) 8) K. Drahzal 7) A. Nusbaum 6) N. Sturman 5) K. Kim 4) C. Nazarian 3) A. Eversfield 2) K. Kimble 1) S. Brady



M. Blandon (Cox) 4) N. Urrutia 3) I. Oram 2) R. Spallone 1) H. Finnegan



K. Deitz (Cox) 8) R. Mills 7) E. Nielsen 6) E. Kilroy 5) A. Timoney 4) J. Bartie 3) C. Fabiano 2) C. Mirzaian 1) N. Collins

M2V8+ ‘A’


M. Blandon (Cox) 8) B. Edwards 7) T. McKay 6) B. Davis 5) J. Daniel 4) R. Spallone 3) I. Oram 2) N. Urrutia 1) H. Finnegan

 M2V8+ ‘B’


A. Park (Cox) 8) T. Sporer 7) A. Deitz, 6) S. Ruehle 5) M. Gay 4) T. Hamilton 3) A. Gu 2) L. Wolkenstein 1) N. Fox

 M2V8+ 'C’


B. Rauchbach (Cox) 8) M. Morfogen 7) M. Oram 6) C. Moran 5) A. Eppedio 4) H. Kim 3) J. Fritts 2) P. Konior 1) A. Esperance

Row New Jersey, located on Lake Hopatcong, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation devoted to developing the strength, character, and confidence of middle school and high school students as well as masters rowers, through the discipline and teamwork of rowing. For more information, please visit or contact Rowing Director, Robert Welsh at