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Row New Jersey News

Row New Jersey boys take home the Boys’ Team Points Trophy at the 2019 Head of the Passaic Regatta in Lyndhurst, NJ.   The Head of the Passaic, now in its 19th year, is hosted by the Nereid Boat Club and Passaic River Rowing Association at the Riverside County Park, Bergen County. The Boys’ Points Trophy is awarded to the boys’ team amassing the highest number of points at each year’s regatta.

Row New Jersey competed in men’s and women’s boats of 4+ (4 rowers plus a coxswain) and(8+ (8 rowers plus a coxswain). The men’s team earned gold medals in the Men’s Varsity 8 (MV8+), Men’s Novice 8 (MNov8+) and Men’s Novice 4 (MNov4+), silver medals in the Men’s JV 8 (M2V8+) and bronze in the Men’s JV 4 (M2V4+). Commenting on the team’s performance, Rowing Director Robert Welsh stated, “The boy’s team has been working hard and got a chance to show all the progress they've made in the last few weeks.  The boys V8+, in particular, had a strong morning, winning their category for the first time over strong competition here.  All the coxswains did a great job navigating the narrow turns and debris of the Passaic River.“

The Row New Jersey Girls also made a substantial contribution to the success of the day, pulling in gold medals for the Women’s 2nd Varsity 4+ (W2V4+), and silver medals in the Women’s Varsity 4+ (WV4+) and Women’s Varsity 8+  (WV8+). 

All boats competed in a 5k head-race, typical of the fall racing season. Head-races are generally a 2-3 mile race, positioning boats in the water at 10-20 second intervals by boat division. The winner of the race is the crew with the shortest elapsed time through the course. Head-races, generally conducted in the fall, are usually held on rivers, adding the additional complexity of navigating bridges, debris, and turns at racing speed.

Full Schedule of Row New Jersey Events:








C. Murphy (Coxswain)  8) M. Nusbaum 7) A. Treger 6) E. Infante 5) J. Daniel 4) J. Richman 3) W. Morton 2) M. Morfogen 1) M. Oram

M2V8+ “A”



M. Blandon (Cox) 8) B. Edwards 7) N. Urrutia 6) B. Davis 5) D. Brown 4) T. McKay 3) I. Oram 2) R. Spallone 1) H. Finnegan

M2V8+ “B”



E. Gutowski (Cox) 8) T. Sporer 7) C. Gay 6) S. Ruehle 5) M. Gay 4) C. Moran 3) A. Gu 2) L. Wolkenstein 1) A. Eppedio




K. Deitz (Cox) 4) E. Kilroy 3) E. Nielsen 2) R. Mills 1) N. Collins




A. Park (Cox) 4) J. Bartie 3) A. Nusbaum 2) C. Mirzaian

1)  C. Fabiano




M. Blandon (Cox) 4) B. Davis 3) J. Daniel 2) B. Edwards 1) T. McKay




E. Gutowski (Cox) 4) N. Urrutia 3) I. Oram 2) R. Spallone 1) H. Finnegan




K. Deitz (Cox) 8) E. Kilroy 7) E. Nielson 6) R. Mills 5) N. Collins 4) J. Bartie 3) A. Nusbaum 2) C. Mirzaian 1) C. Fabiano




A. Park (Cox) 8) N.Sturman 7) K. Kim 6) K. Drahzal 5) K. Kimble 4) Noa Jenny 3) A. Eversfield 2) C. Nazarian 1) S. Brady




B. Rauchbach (Cox) 8) A. Deitz 7) N. Fox 6) J. Fritts 5) R. Hemrajan 4) L. Cabaj 3) A. Esperance 2) A. To 1) T. Hamilton




B. Rauchbach (Cox) 4) T. Hamilton 3) A. Deitz 2) J. Fritts 1) N. Fox

Row New Jersey (formerly the Mountain Lakes Rowing Club) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation located on Lake Hopatcong. It is devoted to developing the strength, character, and confidence of middle school and high school students as well as masters rowers, through the discipline and teamwork of rowing. Rowers and Coxswains come from multiple communities including Summit, Basking Ridge, Boonton, Budd Lake, Califon, Chester, East Hanover, Far Hills, Hackettstown, Hopatcong, Kinnelon, Madison, Mendham, Morristown, Mountain Lakes, Oak Ridge, Randolph, and Roxbury. To learn more about Row New Jersey, the sport of rowing, and carpool opportunities, contact Rowing Director, Robert Welsh or visit 


Introducing ROW NEW JERSEY!

Top NJ rowing team leans into a future of growth with a name change - in the wake national performance

This summer  the Mountain Lakes Rowing Club situated on Lake Hopatcong  re-launched as “Row New Jersey”.

Row New Jersey is a competitive pre-collegiate rowing team established in 2007. The team draws on middle school and high school students from over 15 towns in North and Central New Jersey, including Mendham, Morristown, Summit, Madison, Bernardsville, Roxbury, Chester, Boonton and Mountain Lakes. “As we lean into a position of growth for the future, it’s important that our team name reflects the diversity of the communities that we pull from” states Rob Welsh, Coaching Director of Row New Jersey.  Row New Jersey provides participation opportunities for beginners and novice rowers all the way to competitive varsity crew teams for boys and girls.